This routine is used by people all over the world to empower themselves. I’ve personally used it for almost two years now.

If you ever feel like you don't have enough energy, are unfocused, aren't getting your goals fast enough, or just don't feel excited in life, start practicing this routine. It works. It takes 30 minutes or less a day and it's powerful.

Your routine doesn't have to be identical to what I share here. Understand the principles and then create your own version that works for you. 

Phase 1: Breathe. Start by taking some nice deep breaths. Breath in deeply through the nose and hold then exhale through your mouth. Do this 2-4 times until you feel more focused. Breathing this way grounds you, opens up your blood vessels, and allows blood flow to both sides of the brain so that you can be focused and really be present.

Phase 2: Be Grateful. This is a beautiful process. You can put on some instrumental music if you like. You can also set a timer if you like. For about seven minutes go over in depth as much as you can think of that you're grateful for. I like to go through different categories like my health and my body, my family, my Higher Power, my business, etc. I describe in detail what I'm grateful for within each category. For example, if I'm being grateful for my body I may say, "I'm so thankful and grateful for my head that it sees clearly, that I'm able to achieve my goals effortlessly. I'm so thankful for my eyes that allow me to see the beauty of nature all around me. I'm so thankful for this mouth that allows me to speak my truth and share with passion to impact the world. I'm so grateful for my shoulders that allow me to move and carry the weight of what I'm doing in a way that empowers myself and my family. I'm so grateful for my legs that allow me to play soccer and walk and travel the world." And on and on and on. You can be grateful for specific organs or body systems - anything. If you have an ailment that's affecting you, start being grateful for that specific body part and you will see miracles happen.

Phase 3: Meditate. Put on some thinking music and meditate for about 8 minutes. Visualize yourself achieving your goals. Whatever it is you're focused on, see yourself expanding your influence. See everything in your day from beginning to end working out amazingly. See opportunities coming to you, and so on.

Phase 4: Pray. You now enter a prayerful state. If you have a Higher Power or Universe, you offer a prayer of thanksgiving and ask and receive answers. This is a good time to ask specific questions and write answers. You've just finished a gratitude process and gone through your day in the visualization process so now is a great time to ask what is the most important thing you need to focus on today. What's the priority? What's the biggest thing you could shift in your life that would make the biggest difference in your joy, your income, your success? Go through this meditative, prayerful process for the next 5-8 minutes - or however long you want to spend in this phase.

Phase 5: Empower Yourself. This is really fun because you step into a place of declaration. This is a little different from the specific daily declarations that are sometimes taught. This type of declaring is whatever you feel like you need to declare at that moment. You can turn on some epic, powerful, energizing music if you want and for 5-10 minutes stand and declare. For example, I may say, "I am a powerful being of light and energy! I love my life! I impact millions of lives doing what I love! I am a money magnet! I allow money to fuel my dreams while I help others fulfill theirs! I serve my Higher Power! I serve the people around me with passion and influence as I create multiple streams of income creating massive, passive income! I love to see the changes that people receive! I am authentic! I am genuine! I am empowered! I step in with faith, passion, and courage! I help people step into their dreams! I am a master creator!" And you go on and on and on with whatever you feel you need to say.

Even if you can only do this process for 15 minutes a day, you will see drastic results in your life.


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