No matter what you're doing - whether you have a relationship you're trying to improve, whether you want to increase your income or your impact or your health, this principle is key. It took my mind from always seeking what could go wrong to actually setting myself up for success.

To share how powerful this is, let's go back a few years. I got married about three years ago. The moment I got married I started to worry about things. I wondered what if someone broke into our house and this happened or that happened and how would I protect my wife? I would see myself in weird circumstances and problems and then I would work out solutions to them. My mind was really consumed by this thinking.

As I started trying to grow my company and increase income and live a more free lifestyle, I would see myself talking to a client and wonder what if they didn't like me or had certain objections. I would come up with all kinds of negative scenarios in my head that could happen so that I would be prepared to handle the worst. Guess what? My results stunk. It caused me a lot of frustration. Sure, I felt confident about being able to solve these problems should they actually happen; however, I started to attract these problems. Every conversation was with someone who didn't have money or time or wasn't motivated. Things started happening that didn't feel safe and faith-based but instead were mostly fear-based.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

The principle of watching how you think about any circumstance you're headed into is powerful. If you have a goal or project you're working on, a client you're going to serve, anything like that, what are the thoughts that come right before? You need to use your thoughts to set yourself up for success not failure.

Here's how ...

You choose to see the circumstance working out amazingly - whatever the circumstance - even if you've had negative experiences in the past. Start changing it with your thinking. As you think about your next conversation with your client or your next experience with your spouse or with your health, instead of allowing the thinking that has dictated the results you're getting right now, change it. Play with it. Imagine. Start thinking about what you want to happen. For example, what if my spouse had this amazing connection with me? What if our intimacy was amazing? What if we had this amazing experience? What if my clients started to enroll? What if I started to enroll high-paying clients? What if my health wasn't depressed, what would I be? Well, I'd be happy and excited - what would I do then?


This is the most powerful principle I can teach you. It is so simple. The principles I teach are not new and are not mind-boggling - they are simple, powerful principles that 96-97% of the population doesn't apply which is why only 3-4% of the population is considered wealthy. As a nation, we lack the capacity or the dedication or the discipline to start with our thinking.

Do not be a victim to your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to fuel you. Allow them to excite you. Your brain doesn't know the difference between reality and what you're thinking - so create your own reality. Allow yourself to create your success. Put this into practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. As you do, you will cultivate a crop growing in the garden of your mind that will produce amazing fruits.

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