We all have limiting beliefs that keep us from getting results faster than we want. If you understand how these limiting beliefs form, you can then understand how to change them. Knowledge is power and understanding this can keep judgment and doubt from blocking your success.

Let's take a deep dive inside the brain. The brain is made up of a bunch of specialized cells called neurons. All day, we receive stimuli from our senses that go from neuron to neuron creating thoughts, emotions, and actions. As these signals are transferred from cell to cell, things can happen to create limiting beliefs. Inside a neuron, a signal is received by the dendrites and moves down the axon. Before transferring to the next neuron, the signal hits a small gap called the neural gap. The neural gap contains neurotransmitters which are made up of a bunch of different chemicals. These chemicals are critical to how we think and what we do - our thought processes and emotions are all based on what goes on inside these neurotransmitters.

Here's an example of how this works … let's say Sally is 2 years old. Her dad yells at her and says, "You're so ugly, I can't stand you!" Sally takes on a belief that she's not pretty anymore. Because there's an emotional charge, it's traumatic and inside the neurotransmitter, chemicals with that faulty belief get lodged. No matter what signal goes through - even if 30 years down the road she's with an amazing man who tells her how beautiful she is which initiates a “you’re so beautiful” signal - as soon as that signal hits the neurotransmitter in the neural gap, it will change and take on whatever chemicals are in that gap. For Sally, because there was a strong emotional charge with her experience, a chemical was lodged there that says, "You're ugly." No matter how many times someone tells her she's beautiful, her subconscious says, "No, you're ugly. You're not worth it. You're not valuable." And it creates self-sabotage.

The same thing can happen with money. Let's say you have a limiting belief that you have to struggle to make money. That's because there's a real physiological signal inside your brain that says, "I have to struggle to make money." Even if you have the most logical plan to create wealth and you follow it, you will experience self-sabotage that will make it hard for you to create wealth.

That's the basic principle behind how limiting beliefs form. Now anytime you have a limiting belief, instead of taking yourself out of the game and believing you have to struggle, or that you'll never make it, or can't be wealthy, or whatever your subconscious belief is, you know it’s just a signal that has been imprinted in your brain that can be changed.

There are a lot of techniques out there to change limiting beliefs. I’m teaching one of my favorites in depth in my podcast. Never again do you have to be a victim of your circumstances. Knowing this tool, you can be empowered to change.

To learn the technique, tune in to my podcast at impact2income.com and look for the podcast "Limiting Beliefs Part 2" or click here.