A lot of people spend a lot of money to find and attract high-paying clients - but they don’t see a lot of results.

When I began the journey of finding and enrolling clients as a Thai Yoga therapist and a massage therapist, I struggled a lot. I tried but I felt like people didn't have enough money, I felt salesy, and even though I knew I had a good message and gift to share, I was uncomfortable talking to people about it. I would literally start to shake when I thought about asking people to invest in my programs and therapies.

I've learned some really powerful things since then. Thinking back, the number one piece of advice I can share with people who are enrolling clients, making an impact, and creating an income comes down to two words: passion and energy.

Passion and energy. What is that? Passion and energy create self-confidence - confidence in one's self - not so much that your ego is huge but that you understand people and you love them enough to help them take a step forward. Read that again ... you love them enough to help them step forward. Meaning you love them enough to ask for the check. Through the conversation, you actually show up energetic and passionate enough. Without passion and energy you become very salesy and it feels inauthentic because it becomes about the money and not about the person. When it's truly about the person, we show up with passion, excitement, and energy, wanting people to actually move forward.

Passion and energy are different. If you were asked to describe passion, how would you explain it? My description of passion is showing up without hesitation or resistance, being able to play full out at 100%. That's passion. So if I go somewhere, if I'm in a relationship, if I'm talking to a client, I want to be passionate. In simple words, it's being alive and excited.

Energy is being able to show up with that passion but in a way that persuades people to do what they need to do. Meaning if I'm talking with someone, I may be passionate but I could still not call them to action. I could still not lead them to what they need to do. The energy piece is being in tune with the person and their needs. That is a skill set but it also is a gift that you can acquire with time and practice.

With passion and energy, you can do amazing things. Looking back to when I struggled to create any amount of income and then went to creating six figures in a weekend, I realize the pivotal change was energy and passion.

In your life, if you feel passionless or not energetic, then you’ll want to start learning this skill. It comes with practice of who you hang out with and what you say on a daily basis. What you say is dictated by what you watch and the environment you associate yourself with. What kind of media are you plugged into? Do you listen to music all the time or do you listen to inspirational and motivational talks? Are you stepping in and growing day to day or are you on autopilot?

As you're starting to enroll more and higher paying clients, you have got to step up your passion and your energy. When you do that, it will show up in your tone, your voice, in how you move, in your body language, the conversations you have, in going the extra mile to give service - going above and beyond what the normal person puts in every day. When you step up your passion and energy, and you start to connect with what people need through the powerful conversations, being in tune and being present, then your results will improve. You'll start hanging out with better people. You'll start investing in higher programs. You'll start to see people's objections as limitations, and you will start calling people out when you know there is a limiting belief that is stopping them from their greatness.

My invitation for you today is to check where you're at with your passion and energy level throughout the day. Is there a time where it peaks? Is there a time where it dips super low? If so, how are you going to turn that low into a high? It matters what you eat, what you watch, what you're consuming. Your environment dictates your passion and energy so take care of yourself and step it up.

If you want some skill sets on how to passionately talk to people, that is found in the client objection diffusing kit. We'll have a link here soon so you can get access for free so you can start learning the skills it takes to enroll high-paying clients.

There are many aspects to successfully attracting and enrolling high-paying clients - this is just the first, most important piece. To find out more, listen to my podcasts at impact2income.com.