How to Rock at Getting Referrals

There was a strategy I used in the first growth stage of my career - before online marketing or Facebook traffic or anything else - that was key to the achievement of my first six figures … Referrals.... more

2 Simple Steps for Powerful Follow Ups That Work

Following up with potential clients should be simple. The problem is that most people aren’t doing what’s simple. We overcomplicate it and overwork it - so the results don't show. Success is in simplicity.... more

Passion, Vision, and Message:

As you are sharing your message and trying to make an impact, being crystal clear on your passion, vision, and message is critical for success – both yours and your client’s.... more

Do You Have a Drop of Poop in Your Water?

Imagine you have a cup of water and someone puts one tiny spec of feces in it - it’s such a minuscule amount that you can’t really even see it but you know that it’s in there.... more
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