2 Simple Ways to Feel Alive

Do you ever feel stagnant? Like there’s no improvement, flow, or forward movement in your life? Here are two simple ways to get your heart pumping again.... more

I Can't Afford That

This week I was on vacation with family and through some of our interactions, it really hit me how mindsets, language, and thoughts affect us.... more

Fail Forward Faster

As I was growing my company and experiencing success, I feared failure. Many times, I would do webinars that had success one month and no success the next month.... more

Drink Your Success

I often talk about the importance of drinking water. It may seem like a random topic but it plays an integral part in my success and the success of many people I coach.... more

The Source of Limiting Beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs that keep us from getting results faster than we want. If you understand how these limiting beliefs form, you can then understand how to change them.... more

Set Yourself Up for Success

No matter what you're doing - whether you have a relationship you're trying to improve, whether you want to increase your income or your impact or your health, this principle is key.... more

Listening With Intention

Listening with intention - this principle is probably one of the most valuable I’ve learned. I can attribute making more than $500,000 in half a year to this principle.... more

How to Enroll 40 New Clients in 7 Days

A lot of people tell me they want to market online, get Facebook ads, do joint ventures, etc. When I ask why they say to get some paying clients. Then I ask how many clients they've worked with.... more
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