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Become Live

Master the 1

Learn how to master
your INNER WORLD to create
the OUTER WORLD you desire

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Upcoming Dates

Thu, 08/02/2018 to Sat, 08/04/2018
Training held from 9am to 6pm each day.
Location TBA

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Basic Registration

Attend the full 3-day experience including learning how to:

  • Re-program your beliefs starting at a biological level
  • Use the visual power of the mind to manifest goals
  • Use auditory statements to re-write mental stories
  • Connect with your Higher Power and make Inspiration a consistent ally
  • Test your capacity to receive, and what your current belief system allows
  • Measure the current likelihood of getting a desire result in a given time
  • Make money mindset-shifts by adding physical activity and fun
  • Network with other leaders and creators like yourself 
  • And much more!

VIP Registration

Upgrade to VIP and get everything included in the full 3-day experience PLUS:

  •  Lunch with us (your trainers) Friday
    • Complimentary meal
    • Focused time to network and ask questions
    • Receive a complimentary Enrollment Effect book
    • Receive a complimentary Following the Thread CD

Build Your Inner World First, Then Watch Your Outer World Grow!

Simply setting goals and hoping they'll happen doesn't work, even with hours and hours of effort.
You have to become the type of person that those goals can happen to.

Are you a coach, mentor, parent, or service-based business owner who wants to start getting your goals consistently? Do you want to make an impact in people's lives, starting with your own?

Join us for a brand new experience that will help identify your core beliefs and vision for your life, clear out your obstacles, and get the results you've wanted. By learning simple tools for identifying and getting intense focus on what you really want, acquiring real-world skills for permanently removing mental and emotional barriers, and connecting with inspiration, you'll consistenly be able to watch the goals show up in your life. Have fun doing it!

This event helps you bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to be. By understanding the circumstances around you, tapping into your Higher Power, creating new subconscious directives and having fun while living your passion, you will be unstoppable no matter what your goal.

Now is the time to become unstoppable and be an example for yourself and the people around you...