Freedom Catalyst Bios



Tyler Watson is an enrollment expert. His mission is to help individuals learn to raise their personal value so that they can form the life, income, business, and relationships that they have always dreamt about but never knew how to create.

Tyler has the unique gift of helping find personal and professional roadblocks and reconnect people to themselves, their family, and their Higher Power, and as a result, his clients see a dramatic increase in personal happiness and income level. He specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and team leaders how to package their message, master the enrollment conversation, and engage high-paying clients – from $2k to $80k per customer. He recently played a key part in a two-week $1.35 million online launch with a worldwide audience.

An avid seeker of truth and new ways to help those he works with, Tyler is an expert in many healing modalities including Bio-tapping, dowsing, energy healing, muscle testing, Thai yoga, and body language reading. His clientele comes from all over the world, and include business owners, networkers, salespeople, speakers, professional performers and healthcare providers.

Outside of business, Tyler’s passions include sword fighting, racquetball, canoeing, ju-jitsu, serving in his church, and spending time reading with his wife and daughter.



When meeting Emily Watson, the first thing you may notice about her is her smile – radiant enough to engulf an auditorium, yet intimate enough to make you feel you’ve found a long-lost friend. The second thing you may notice is the power of her purpose. In the past eight years she has presented her information more than 2300 times to individuals, businesses, organizations and schools from across the United States and Canada. As a body language expert, trainer, and mentor, Emily helps people find the root of their personal or professional challenges and transform in just minutes.

Not only is she a master at helping others achieve personal and professional goals, her ability to impact is uniquely informed by her love of leadership and freedom as a dedicated student of the liberal arts, where she has studied everything from history and government to music and entrepreneurship. Emily understands how human beings work, today and in the past, and the key principles, thoughts, and body gestures that have potential to transform you, your organization, and political and social climate of governments and civilizations.

When she is not presenting her message, you can generally find her at a piano, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with her husband and family. Emily’s engaging presentation style and transformational message make her a favorite that you will want to return to again and again