Tyler's event, Connect, was amazing & transorformational for me. We went through a selling experience, previously I had not been able to bring myself to offer & sell my product. Tyler walked me through the process & worked with me until I did. I sold something at the event, and now I have the confidence that people do want what I have to offer & I really can change and help people.

Being at Connect provided a safe place for me to face my fears.

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I'm very impressed with the balance between skillset vs mindset, emotional vs logical, etc. 

The activities are just right, and well executed! I recommend this event, especially to entrepreneurs who are ready to grow.

I have absolutely loved this event. I thought, "What you could possibly teach for 4 days?" but now, coming to the end, I wish it was longer. I have been able to have 10 years of experience poured into me in 4 days. I feel empowered to take on the world and to truly live my mission.

Thank you!