I'm Tasha Sylvester and I am a presenter and I organize retreats. I am a wholesome life coach and I help people love the food that loves them back. My goal is to help families make nutritious eating simple, affordable, and enjoyable because it can be that. It's very healing, it's very strengthening, and it's really needed right now in the world. So that's what my mission is.

I came into contact with Tyler though his employee, Nathan Black. I met him at an event. I'm not a... read more!

I am Susan Tiede. I am a foot zone practitioner and educator. I teach foot zoning online so you can learn it anywhere in the world.

I would say if you want to work with someone who is really real and down to earth and makes everything fun and exciting, then you want Tyler. I knew that I liked Tyler. I liked the way that he taught things. I love his authenticity and his desire to really help you be the best that you can be, and he cares about that - and it's different for every person... read more!

I set out on my own journey to discover who can I help, who can I assist. Being someone who is trained as a Shaman, my job is to serve the world, to serve people. It was very painful to not be able to communicate what I could offer - what I could do for them. Working with Tyler has shown me that the only thing that's required for you to create an impact in people's lives is for you to be you. He was able to get down to understanding my frustrations.

I saw it - he showed my vision of... read more!

I've always been kind of an entrepreneur since I was a kid. I found that I just didn't have the skill set, the know-how or the structure to be able to be successful. I would start something and I would fail. I would start another thing and I would fail and then I'd let a few years go by and then I would start on another thing and I would fail again. Tyler, for me, was the right person. He had what I needed. He had the skill set, he had the structure, he had all of the solutions for what I... read more!

As a life coach and mentor with all this training and zero clients and not being able to enroll anyone, I didn't know how to get clients and I didn't even know what my message was and I didn't know where I was going - I was stuck.

When I worked with Tyler, he helped me with my message. Now, I can go around telling people, "I help women discover the key to unlock their very powerful message within them. I help people clarify who they are and where they want to go." And because of that... read more!

I have one of the best jobs in the world because I get to see people heal from all different realms - all different types of situations they're in. One of the things I noticed was that I could help people in a physical aspect but there was a mental aspect as well that people needed to adopt in order to go to the next level of healing.

What has inspired me about Tyler is that I had seen him at a couple of different events, and I was speaking at an event and he came up to my booth... read more!

I felt like I had this passion inside. I felt like I wanted to share something with people but I didn't know how and at the same time I felt like, "Who am I to say anything?" I still had a lot of negative thoughts. Working with Tyler has shown me that I am capable. I have made a huge amount of progress in a short amount of time working on myself. When he presented here's what you can do, I said, "Yes! I gotta do it."

I actually like myself now and I can say that and mean it. I said... read more!

The thing I liked about Tyler is that he was really frank about when you want to have a change of mindset, a change of results is the best way to have that happen. It became clear right away that Tyler had a unique ability to inspire you to take action, even if it starts with baby steps - let's do something that's going to start to produce different results. So then I was able to take that and go, "Okay, this is where we've got to start."

Everything that Tyler does, once you... read more!