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How to Rock at Getting Referrals

There was a strategy I used in the first growth stage of my career - before online marketing or Facebook traffic or anything else - that was key to the achievement of my first six figures … Referrals.... more

2 Simple Steps for Powerful Follow Ups That Work

Following up with potential clients should be simple. The problem is that most people aren’t doing what’s simple. We overcomplicate it and overwork it - so the results don't show. Success is in simplicity.... more

Listening With Intention

Listening with intention - this principle is probably one of the most valuable I’ve learned. I can attribute making more than $500,000 in half a year to this principle.... more

How to Enroll 40 New Clients in 7 Days

A lot of people tell me they want to market online, get Facebook ads, do joint ventures, etc. When I ask why they say to get some paying clients. Then I ask how many clients they've worked with.... more


What does enrollment mean to you? For me it means much more than just getting someone into a program or paying money to something. Enrollment for me is something very personal and spiritual.... more
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